This is my space created by me and all about what I love the most… adventure. I have traveled over 20 countries and lived in 3. I am currently living in Sydney and have been for 3 years. Just like everyone else I have high rent, visa’s, social events and trips to pay for. I created this site to share how I do it all… through my travel, life and Sydney social pages.

See how I save and live in this beautiful expensive city on a Yorkshire budget by clicking on my Life. page.

If you want any travel information check out all my travel blogs from all the places I have visited. I constantly add to this page as I cant stop!

Stuck for some ideas for the weekend or a long weekend take a look at my Sydney Social page it is full of ideas and split by your preferred suburb. I have also done every thing I write about so everything is real and authentic.

Lastly my Photo Shop page is under works but I am going to  make my photos available for prints, screen savers or phone back grounds…coming soon.