Trying To Keep My Head In The Clouds.

Just a expat living in Sydney and trying to keep the life style and travel life going.




I have been in this beautiful country now for 4 years and 5 visa’s. I am now 31 and still cant put the travel dreams to the side. Check out the Travel page for blogs on all the places I have been.

Just like everyone else I am on a normal wage in Sydney so trying to keep up and travel can be tough. I have written a few blogs on my favorite bargains in the city and how I budget when needs be. I am also a massive believer in mindfulness and taking that time to be good to yourself. I am not expert on the subject but I am enjoying learning about it. All these blogs are in the life tab.

I love this city and can not get enough of it. I have created a a page of all things Sydney I have done. Check out the Sydney social page for some inspiration for the weekend. If anyone has any ideas for me to check out please send them my way.




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