Dads Visit!

My dad visited in March for two weeks. It was a relaxed visit as he had done all the tourist attractions in previous visits. He rented a apartment in Bondi beach had a amazing view and it meant I could sleep over and not have to travel back into the city. The two weeks were spent in the Eastern suburbs relaxing eating out and enjoying costal walks. We did attend the Sydney Taste which was brilliant. It was in centennial park, you walked from stand to stand sampling drinks and food. A bar we tried out in the city called the Little Darlin is worth a visit for one of there quirky delicious cocktails.

We went away one weekend to Jervis Bay it’s about three hours out of Sydney. We rented a cabin for the weekend. The weather really let us down, it was over cast and wet most of the time. We explored Jervis Bays national park, Husskeson and Hayms Beach ( one of the whitest beaches in the world). Driving around the national park we saw kangaroos and at one beach we saw a giant stingray swimming up and down the shore. The evening was spent at the only pub in the area and then we retired for a night of movies and snacks in the cabin.





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