Summer Ventures

Figure 8 Pools
I went twice to the figure pools this summer. The first trip it was a hot sunny day and the second trip was a muggy over clouded one. The pools in either weather are an amazing sight to experience. The walk to the pools is downhill across a beach then across rocks, which to me who is extremely clumsy was a challenge. The hill on the way back up is very steep and I would not recommend this climb during the mid-day sun. There is one perfect figure eight pool and a selection of other shaped pools around. Most of them are very deep and you can jump in. The first trip we spent a lot of time in the pools and exploring them. The second trip as it was a little bit chillier we did not go in the pools as the sea was rough.
When going to the figure 8 pools check the tide times as people have been hurt out there. The sea can creep up on you with some big waves. Take lots of water, the climb back up to the car is long and all uphill.
Link for more information on the Figure 8 pools



St Georges Open Air Cinema
I attended St George Open Air cinema it is a outdoor cinema with the city sky line, Opera House and the Harbour Bridge all in your eye line whilst watching a flick. I would advise that you arrive as it opens to reserve your seating and then you can go get some food and a few drinks. It’s a perfect date night or a friend date having a catch up with food and drinks beforehand looking over the city.
Link to St Georges Open Air Cinema
Open Air Cinema
Watamolla Royal National Park
The Royal National Park is a great escape from Sydney especially if you do not want to go far being a short 40 minute drive out of Sydney. We did a hike to Eagle Heads Point before having a picnic and an afternoon relaxing around the beach and dam. There is some cliff jumping for the brave and a beach for the sunbathers. You can rent kayaks at the park. There are a few food trucks at the park but we decided to stop at Coles on the way and get a picnic together for the day. There are a number of walks to explore in this national park it cannot be done in one visit. It is a cheap relaxing day out in the summer escaping the city rush for the day.
Link to the Royal National Park
Eagle Head
Hot Dub Time Machine
Best night of summer by far. Hot Dub Time Machine is a Australian DJ. He is touring Australia currently so check out his Facebook page for his tour dates. He is also going to Europe too this summer. The concept behind is set is simple he plays number one hits moving through the decades. You know the words to every song and it’s a nonstop party the whole night. There are a few surprises in the show which I won’t ruin for those who go. If Hot Dub is anywhere near you make the effort to check him out you won’t be disappointed!
Link for Hot Dub Time Machine
Hot DUb
Scooter Snorkelling
This is exactly as it sounds. You use a water scooter to snorkel. We did it at Frenchman’s Beach which is a beautiful beach at Philips Bay. You meet at the centre and are driven to the beach all equipment is provided. After a short lesson on how to use the scooters you hit the water. Once the instructor feels everyone is confident with using the scooter you are left to your own device to zoom through the water in a somewhat James Bond style. It is not the best way to see fish as the noise of the scooter scares them off but it’s a great way to travel. The centre is also featured on Groupon so you can get the Scooter experience at a discounted price.
Link to Scooter Snorkel



Manly Kayaking
One Saturday morning this summer was spent kayaking around Manly Harbour. The kayaks are available from the Ferry point at Manly. It was $40 for three hours. We kayaked around the edge of the harbour to a quiet beach where we spent an hour relaxing in the sun before heading back. It was a struggle against the tide and keeping it in a straight line at some points but it did provide a good work out and a lot of laughs. The lunch after a morning of rowing was well deserved.

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