Biggest Loser

I have started to plan next years adventures. Fiji is where we will be for Christmas and New Years Eve.  Hopefully if work okay it I will be off for 4 weeks with a trek to Base Camp Everest and then two weeks in India where I will hopefully meet up with a friend from home.

Big plans and lots of adventure on the cards…but there is only one thing holding me back. That is my fitness. Safe to say my metabolism disappeared when I had my first sip of beer. I got away with it for a while at University with working in a restaurant and playing netball but in my adult life its caught up with me.

Traveling does not make you fit or skinny …well for me it didn’t. Your diet is out of whack and you are constantly socializing so your beer intake goes up. Yes you lug around a big back pack but it doesn’t quite balance out. Now I need to get my butt in gear so I am not held back from what I love…adventure.

I have spent the past few weeks finding out what exercise I suit and find works for me. I found that swimming seems to be for me. On top of swimming I quite like Yoga and I am trying to that twice a week to work my stress and build inner core as I have 0. After all of this MK and I are still planning on doing hikes to get our legs and walking boots warmed up!

At home we eat well and have a healthy dinner and for lunch it is salad so its okay. Its more the temptations at work and the biscuit tin which is my weakness. I have also cut down to one English Breakfast tea a day and the rest Green Tea. Alcohol is a big part of my weekend socializing with friends I have to start trying to make better choices. Choosing the Gin and tonic instead of a glass of wine.

 I am planning to reflect on how I have done every Thursday and hopefully and have a photo update every month to hold myself accountable. It can be done just need to get on with it and look after myself. 

Reach out if your on the same path or have any tips!



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