A little bit of Reflection on a Monday.

I got a really positive reaction from my last blog post. Thanks for everyone who reached out. Good to know I am not on m own on this new journey.  Update on Thursday on how I am going with the new clean and healthy life style.

I have asked myself why was it so relate-able and popular?

I think the blog post connected with a lot of people because… I am you.

I don’t have people paying me to put brands in my posts, life is not spent globe trotting from one paradise to the next and I don’t have a bunch of photos of myself on my Instagram taken by a professional photographer…Don’t get me wrong, I am sure if I could make money through photos and sponsors which enabled me to travel the world I’d be all over that, but that’s not my life. I only have a certain amount of holiday per year and my office is in a actual office building not some remote beach with Wifi.

I started my blog before I left traveling and my main two reasons were to practice my writing as it was never a strong skill of mine and for everyone back home so they knew I was okay and i wouldn’t have to send the same messages over and over again. Lazy group email alternative really… Through my trip around Asia and creating my life in Australia I have changed and matured and I guess maybe my writing has as well. I will keep you all updated with my trips but maybe a few entries will be about how wonderfully confusing life can be (and obviously about my battle with the biscuit tin at work).

Just going to share a few of my favorite Instagram accounts below…because what is better then getting a little bit lost in some amazing photos on a wet Monday afternoon…

Humansofny – When I used Facebook I loved this page and there Insta page is the same set up. Stories which will touch your heat and photos that say a thousand words.


ig_australia – A community of photographers around Australia and if you like landscape pictures….this is for you!


elayna_c – This lady sails around the world with her boyfriend. They met in Greece just after he bought a boat and they started filming short videos….now this is what funds thier life style. Incredible story.


chrishorsley_ – The guy climbs into Volcano’s for his job…enough said!


grimgrinningteresa – I read about this lady in the Huff Post she had a Disney themed wedding her photos are pretty much all Disney and who doesn’t like photos from the happiest place on earth.


Hartmanoutdoorphotography – Meet Shelley who was traveling around the USA in her car being a location wedding photographer. I have fallen in love with her pictures.


Does anyone else write or keep a journal?

If you have any blogs / Instagram accounts I should check out please send them my way!


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