Biggest Loser Update 3

Sorry for the late blog entry this week…work has gone up a notch it is our busy season and as that pays the bills it comes first.

Big news is I knocked off 1KG this week….so 1.5KG overall.

This week MK joined me on the mission to change our lifestyle which has made it easier. I did do more exercise this week making it to the pool twice and the gym once. I think the habit of not eating junk for our three main meals has become a habit now. Weetabix for breakie, salad for lunch, and a meat/fish with veggies on a night. The hardest part I have found is my emotional eating. If I am sad I want to give myself something to cheer myself up or if I do something well I want to instantly reward myself with a treat…The more I think about it this habit starts from when you are children with rewards from your parents or a lolly to cheer you up if you have had a fall. I have had a tough week overall and the temptation to reward myself with some kind of sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth has been very very very very hard. But i have finally found my willpower…only took 30 years!

We do have strawberries, light Greek yogurt with passion fruit to help the sugar/ snack craving. Next Saturday we are going out with friends and so begins the silly season with friends. I am interested to see how we do sticking to low calorie drinks like gin and diet tonic. We are both big beer / wine drinkers so it will be a different type of night out.


Also side note we tried going out for breakfast this morning and just ordering scrambled eggs with salmon….it was a mistake we just wanted to order everyone else breakfasts around us. I just think we will be popping in for takeaway coffee in the future. If you are in the Marrickville area for a amazing feed the Roastville is the place to go.


In other news Australia voted ….YES to marriage equality. So happy for the LGBTQ community. Now we just need the Australian parliament to make it official. Mad how they can flip visa rights over night yet takes a really long time to pass a law giving people a basic human right….


We drove into the city on Wednesday night to pick up some furniture we bought off Gumtree. The city was buzzing it was so good to drive up Oxford Street and King Street seeing the rainbow flag flying everywhere! The only sad thing to see is the St George Michael mural has been vandalized in the wake of the YES victory. I saw this on the artist Instagram. He explained the mural does not even have anything to do with the YES campaign and has been on display for over a year. It was a tribute to the property owner’s friend. It does sadden me that people would attack such a beautiful piece of art in our community. What I do love is that people have gone and amended the vandalism. It was a big week for Australia. Go check out @scottie.marsh  on Instagram to see what everyone did to improve the vandalized St George Michael mural…

A photo of the mural from a while back below.



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