5 Facts about Refugees

Number 19 on the 20 Simple Act for Refugee week is ‘Share 5 facts about Refugees’

Each fact was found on different websites, click on the fact to connect to the article.

I picked the facts that stood out and shocked me. If you have the time it is worth to read the articles linked below. I did not realize how many people were refugees and how little we do to help.

  1. According to UNHRC in 2015 there was 21 million refugees world wide. (Source Huffington Post)
  2. Almost half of refugees are children ( Source Huffington Post)
  3. The top 3 countries who host refugees as of 2016: (Source Red Cross)
    1. Turkey – 2.8 Million
    2. Pakistan – 1.6 Million
    3. Lebanon – 1.04 Million
  4. In 2017, 3119 women and children lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean (Source Help Refugees)
  5. 84 % of refugees are hosted in developing countries (Source Help Refugee)

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