July has been a month that I have taken a step back from blogging. This month is and will always be a weird month for me. It is extremely special to me in so many ways. It was nice to not blog and Instagram all the time and just enjoy the special moments it brought.

It was MK’s Birthday, we had did lots of celebrating with friends. Safe to say my clean living and no drinking was turned off for this week. I am glad I did it but this week has been tough getting back into the mind frame of eating well. We ate out at Mjolner which is a amazing dinning experience, especially for Thor fans and meat lovers. You will not leave this place hungry that’s for sure. The staff even gave MK a great Birthday card. We also had a visitor from NZ in Sydney for the first time so we showed him the usual spots. Then on that weekend we partied it up at Hot Dub Time Machine. If you have been in Sydney over a year and have not yet seen Hot Dub Time Machine…what have you been doing?!?!?!? It is without a doubt one of the best nights out with your friends you could have! Safe to say that Sunday the only thing we moved for was a Sunday Lunch from Sydney Park Hotel in Petersham….it was great feed and they had Yorkshire Puds!!!!

As well as celebrating MK’s Birthday it was also my best friend Sheffy’s Birthday. He is unfortunately no longer with us. It would have been his 30th Birthday this year and I know for a fact he wouldn’t want anyone moping around or being sad.  This is the one person I met in life who was like me in boy form…with the biggest smile ear to ear all the time. He had the best spirit any human could have and such a love for life…always the best time was had with him. I could go on for days about Sheffy and how much light he brought into my life but it wouldn’t even begin to do him justice to how incredible he was. He is missed every single day by everyone who knew him…I know this for sure.

I just wanted to say a Happy Birthday to both my favorite humans in my life, blessed to have/had you both in it.

This photo below of Sheffy sums him up perfectly…. Miss you star girl, love your dirty pirate hooker (Anchor Man Reference).


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