I have discovered a few new things in life over the past few months. Thought I would share them with you guys…

Podcast… I have a slight obsession with podcasts but I have been listening to some new shows over the past few weeks. Teachers Pet: people digging into a cold case and discovering new evidence. Armchair Expert with Dax Shepherd: The guy from Punk’ed now has his own podcast with his celebrity friends. I love his podcast its raw, genuine, funny, brutal and different.

Netflix…Two new shows I have found apart from the obvious new 6th season of Orange is the New Black. One is a documentary called Tickled…it has the craziest story with twists and turns. The guy who created Tickled also has another show which I have binged on called The Dark Tourist…this show ill give you a very different view on some on the popular backpacking countries. Great travel show with a new twist.

Food & Drink…We have been lucky enough to have a new cafe open up below our apartment block called Crafted Addiction. Its a really cool space filled with plants and there menu has some different picks for breakie. I have had and enjoyed the shrimps and Mk has had the coconut rice pudding and pancakes which both got a thumbs up. I do love that coffee is also served in a mug as well. It also has a to go window so you can easily order and grab your coffee on the run.

Art Exhibit….Spacemakers and Roomshakers is a new contemporary art exhibit in the Sydney Art Gallery. It is free entry and worth a look. I do like art it is super modern and I did have to read all the notes about the pieces as I am not sure I would have figured it out without the notes. Make sure you have your phone or camera with you it is a incredibly Instagram-able exhibit.

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