Morning Routines

I have always been a tornado in the morning for as long as I can remember. When I returned from Nepal I wanted to keep my zen and calm outlook as much as possibly. I decided I needed to develop a morning routine.

Before I would wake up with not enough time to get ready and would be rushing around the apartment, flying out the door and running for the train. I would also be on my phone and get distracted by messages or any social media apps. It has taken a few weeks to find what works for me in the morning but I now have a routine.

The first rule of my routine is I do not look at my phone until I am ready and leaving the apartment. This little change has made the biggest impact in time. I get ready so much faster and leave the house earlier then before, even though I still get up at the same time. Once I am ready for work and I have my bag packed I sit on the sofa and do 10 minutes of guided mediation via the Head Space app. The mediation helps me get into a good head space for the day. The app only costs 20 bucks a month. The app tracks how many time you mediate in a row and how many minutes in total you have done. Once I have finished my mediation I stand on my Shakti mat for 5 minutes. Then I make a cup of tea and head to work. By just doing these three easy steps in a morning has really helped me keep calm at work and keep a level head. It is our busy season at work and it can be intense a lot of the day. I feel more in control and not overwhelmed. I strongly believe mediation helps me keep in control of my stress.

Do you guys have any morning routines? I would love to hear them.

Little video of one of my most favourite mornings ever!

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