Reflecting on the last few months going through a rough patch at work I have realized I am a goal oriented person. Winter is just about here and I decided to set myself some winter goals. I am a person who just seems to focus better when I have some aims in mind. I usually have a good think and talk to MK about what I am thinking about then I write them down and stick them up on my notice board as a visual reminder.


  1. Winter swimming – My fitness will be through swimming this winter in the outdoor pool near Central station….going to be chilly but a good achievement.
  2. Really focus on eating well and healthy – I lost 22KG last year and I have put 10KG back on so really want to focus on getting that extra 10 off this winter.
  3. Meditation, reading and writing РThese 3 things I find really help me personally  take care of myself. They make me calm and remain focused. I have bought a few books from charity shops and have my journal and blog for writing.
  4. Working as hard as I did in Nepal at my new job – Read the ‘Werk It’ blog for my update on my job. I just want to really put 110% into this new opportunity and see what happens these next 6 months.
  5. Putting my energy into the great friends (near and far) around me and enjoying life – Basically just be there for friends through the good the bad the ugly and try not to take life to seriously and enjoy it with them.

Your turn…Do you guys set goals?

If so and you want to share let me know on my Instagram what your winter goals / summer goals are!

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