Eastern Suburbs Indoors

The Spot
Cost: Depending on where you go $10-50
Essentials: Your Appetite
Why: This is a part of Randwick which is full of cafes, bars and restaurants. All in a very close distance of each other. No matter the time of day you can grab a coffee, cake, food or cocktail and avoid the rain.  There are lots of good spots to try out and keep you well feed and watered while it’s not beach weather. The Ritz cinema is also located in this area of Randwick.
The Ritz
Cost: $17
Essentials: Just Yourself
Why: Its the best cinema in the Eastern Suburbs. Its retro style from when it was first built is still in tact. Its just round the corner from The Spot. Lots of choice of places to grab dinner or a drink before your movie. They also have deals on Groupon… keep our eyes peeled.
Bondi Junction
Cost: Whatever you want to spend in a  shopping trip
Essentials: Just Yourself
Why: This shopping centre has every shop you could need to do some mindless wondering around on a wet day. The food court is huge as well. You will easily find a decent bite to eat. This is my favorite place to do any shopping. Just be warned on a weekend it is pretty busy.