Eastern Suburbs.

Coastal Walk

Bondi – Coogee

At a steady pace between 2-3 hours but you may want to stop off at the beaches, take a dip in the sea or have a drink at one of the cafes on the route. There is a footpath and stairs the whole way round.

If it does get too much at nearly every beach you can walk up to a bus stop.

You can start at Bondi Beach or Coogee Beach. We always end the walk with a cold drink in Coogee Pavilion and it is usually well-earned as we always seem to do it on a hot summer’s day.

Essentials: Sun Screen // Water (places to refill on route)// Towel and swim suit// Trainers (can be done in flip flops) //Cash (not many places take card on the way) // Hat//

Why: It has amazing views of the coastline and the ocean. If you have a good eye you may also spot a dolphin or whale. If you have visitors it is a great way to show them the beaches in the Eastern Suburbs.

Milk Beach- Watson Bay

Essentials: Sun Screen // Water (places to refill on route)// Towel and swim suit// Trainers (can be done in flip flops) //Cash (not many places take card on the way) // Hat//

Why:This walk is a lot less busy than the coastal walk Bondi-Coogee. It offers great views of the coastline and the city skyline in the background. The houses around this are worth millions of dollars and it’s always nice to see how the other half live. You can finish at Watsons Bay Hotel for a cold refreshment before heading back.


Coogee to Bondi Beaches

Coogee – BBQ Area // Grass Area // Cafes // Supermarket // Pubs // Rock Pool // Parking // Wooden Gazebo Huts // Shops // Sand Beach //

Bronte – BBQ Area // Grass Area // Cafes // Play Area // Rock Pool // Toilets // Wooden Gazebo Huts // Sand Beach //

Tamarama – BBQ area // Toilets // Grass Area // Play Ground // Wooden Gazebo Huts // Sand Beach //

Gordons Bay – No Sand Beach // Snorkelling Spot //

Clovelly- Beach // Concrete Area // Grass Area // Cafe // Short walk to the Clovelly Pub // Toilets // Sand Beach //

Bondi – Parking // Rock Pool // Toilets // BBQ Area // Grass Area // Sand Beach // Cafes // Pubs // Shops // Parking //

Other Beaches I have visited in the ES….

Frenchmans Bay – Parking // Cafes // Pub // Grass Area // Sand Beach //

Milk Beach – Grass Area // Sand Beach //

Camp Cove – Sand Beach // Toilets // Cafe // Parking //

Scuba Snorkelling

Cost: Please check website

Essentials: Sunscreen // Swim Suit // Towel //

Why: The Scuba snorkel is a different experience in the water. They are easy to use and its a lot of fun zipping up and down through the water. You do not see much wildlife as the sound from them scares them off. It is a fun experience to try and usually on Groupon.

Lawn Bowls

Cost:$10-$15 per person

Waverly Bowls: I spent the day playing lawn bowls and then spent the evening listening to the cheesy DJ and having a sing along. It is a fun community vibe at the club. We all signed up for around 5 dollars and got cheap drinks all day. It was a great way to spend a summer evening.

Coogee Bowls: This was a lot bigger and busy. Quick service at the bar though and we enjoyed afternoon of bowls and drinks. There was a live band on in the evening to keep the atmosphere going.

Clovelly Bowls: By far the best views as far as Lawn Bowl Clubs go. It is a smaller venue on the top of the coast line at Clovelly. It is a great spot to enjoy afternoon of bowls. I would recommend booking as it books up fast in the summer.

Open Water Dive Course

Cost: I paid $250 for the course but it does change on the time of year and what offer they have on. Best way to go is check the website when you want to book the course for an accurate price.

Essentials: Swimsuit // Water // Towel // Snacks // Packed Lunch // No Colds/ Flu // Dry Clothes //

Why: If you have done a lot of snorkelling or an introduction dive on holiday and want to learn how to become a diver this is a great weekend course. You do have to do some studying for the test on the Friday night. It does take up the whole weekend but its a lot of fun with the teachers and getting under the water. The first day is mostly spent in a pool to make sure you are comfortable and able before getting into the sea. Once you have passed your course you can then do certain dives or go on to your advance dive (on my list of things to do this year). The guys in the Coogee Dive Shop made it a wicked weekend and created a new hobby for me.

Sea Planes

Cost: $250+( depends on package)

Time:We picked a short 20 mins scenic flight over Sydney. We used Sydney Sea Planes in Rose Bay. There are a list of options on their website to suit what you are looking for.

Why: I wanted to try a sea plane as I see them every day go over the sky line. It was a really good flight. It was a bit bumpy taking off and landing but we were warned (due to the amount of boats on the water the night before). It was incredible to see the bridge and skyline from above. We decided to add on a drink of bubbles before we got on the plane. We watched the planes come in and out of Rose Bay which did settle my nerves (I am a bit of a nervous flyer).