To Ski or Not to Ski

Taking a break from Nepal blogs this week and decided to talk about snow. Winter hit this weekend, the sweat pants came out and the summer wardrobe was packed away. Not going to lie, it was very nice leaving the house Saturday night not in a ball of sweat from blow drying and straighten my … Continue reading To Ski or Not to Ski

Nepal Training May.

3 and a half months until we leave for Nepal. We have started to do training to get our body's in the best shape for the Trek. Decided to jot down what we have been doing and what we have planned. Footwear Both of us bought new hiking boots at the beginning of the year. … Continue reading Nepal Training May.

Sydney Living.

Everything to see, do and drink in Sydney....each category is split by suburbs. Outdoor Activities. Indoor Activities. Seasonal Activities. Bars If you would like us to try anything out please email:

Travel Blogs

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