Sydney Indoors

Cork & Chroma

Cost: $60

Essentials: Whatever you would like to drink// clothing you do not mind getting paint on//

Why: In a beautiful studio in Surry Hills you go with your friends and attend a fun painting class. You can bring what ever you would like to drink and there are snacks available for purchase in the studio. The teacher takes you through the painting step by step along with a funky sound track. It was so much fun and you obviously get to go home with your own masterpiece. It was such a fun afternoon of wine and laughs with friends. The more wine you drink the better your painting becomes. There is a preview of what will be painted on each day on the website.

Golden Age Cinema

Cost: $20-40 (Tickets plus drink or food)

Essentials: Glasses if you need them // Good movie Taste//


Why: This small cinema is in Surry Hills. Go early and grab a drink and some food before the show. You can also go out and top up your drink during the film. It’s a really intimate  setting with just a small screen. They play classic films and new ones. Its worth signing up to their mailing list to keep track of what is on that week.


Cost: $15-20

Essentials: Socks//Healthy Competition//


Why: Great way to burn a few hours and have some fun with friends.  I always  love a bit of competition too. It is a great way to be a big kid again and have some fun which won’t give you a hang over the next day.

Cockatoo Island

Cost: Just the cost of the ferry ride on your Opal

Essentials: Picnic// Camera // Opal Card // Rain Coat if it’s raining //

Why: The island has lots to explore and it is mainly indoors. I say this from experience as the first time I went to Cockatoo Island was in the rain. They always have art exhibits there. They are worth checking out as the setting on the island makes for a great stage. Check out their website to see what they have coming up. I would say this island has a bit of a spooky vibe to it.


Cost: Cost varies on how many people are in the room please check the website.

Essentials: Best Singing Voice // Group of Friends//


Why: The Karaoke I did in Sydney was actually in a Korean Karaoke. Its just sometimes fun to get in a small room and sing off key all night with your friends. When its cold and wet through winter its a great way to spend a Saturday night.

 Art Gallery Museum

Cost: Free for some galleries and others are ticketed. Please check the website

Essentials: Just Yourself

Why: Obviously if you are into Art this option is for you. I love wondering around art galleries and on a rainy day it is a perfect activity. They also do special exhibits inside which may cost extra to view but they are worth it. I did the Pop Art one in there it was brilliant full of colour and you even got to create your own.

Carriage works

Cost: Free events and ticketed. Please check the website

Essentials: Just Yourself


Why: This building holds farm markets on a Saturday morning as well as lot of art exhibits. I first went to go see two very large big Buddha’s, then a tent exhibit and a reggae festival. There is lots going on in here. They also have a bar on site as well. Great place to wonder around when a exhibits on or the farmers market and stay dry.

Spice Alley

Cost: $15-30 (depending on how hungry you are)

Essentials: Your Appetite


Why: This is located a short walk from Central station. It is a undercover alley way full of Asian food stalls and it is BYO. My sister introduced me to this place just recently and its a fun place to grab some food with friends. It is always busy but you will always find a table. You can wonder up and down the food stalls trying to figure out the best choice… everything we ate there tasted delicious.


Cost: $10-27

Essentials: Just Yourself


Why: This is a great date night idea. MK actually took me here when we first started dating. It was such a good night. It was a week night and just nice to do something a bit different. The tour takes you around the observatory and you watch a movie projected on to the ceiling. After you move into the telescope room and have a look at Mars…its brilliant! Also watch out for their ticket offers on Groupon.

 The Enigma Room

Cost: $35 for 4 players

Essentials: Your thinking caps

Why: I grabbed three friends for my first Escape Room. I chose the Dr Disaster room at Enigma in Sydney’s CBD. We had a total of 70 minuets in the room and we nearly did it…Yep we failed at our escape room but it was so much fun. Its was really well put together. The staff were great at helping us try complete the room. At the end they answered any clues and riddles we did not get. There are lots of escape rooms all over Sydney. I am pretty sure this winter we may try a few others.


The Sydney Tower

Cost: Minimum Bar Spend $20 per Person

Essentials: Camera

Why: As one of the iconic buildings in Sydney’s skyline it should be on your list to visit. You can pay to go up to the sky deck but we opted to go up to the bar. To go up to the bar you have to spend $20 per person. It takes one hour and twenty minuets to do one full rotation in the bar. It doesn’t have the best view of the harbour bridge or opera house but you can see as far as the Eastern suburbs and Botany Bay. If you are in the city with visitors or friends and want a new place to have a drink it wont let you down with 360 views of Sydney.