Reflecting on the last few months going through a rough patch at work I have realized I am a goal oriented person. Winter is just about here and I decided to set myself some winter goals. I am a person who just seems to focus better when I have some aims in mind. I usually have a good think and talk to MK about what I am thinking about then I write them down and stick them up on my notice board as a visual reminder.


  1. Winter swimming – My fitness will be through swimming this winter in the outdoor pool near Central station….going to be chilly but a good achievement.
  2. Really focus on eating well and healthy – I lost 22KG last year and I have put 10KG back on so really want to focus on getting that extra 10 off this winter.
  3. Meditation, reading and writing – These 3 things I find really help me personally  take care of myself. They make me calm and remain focused. I have bought a few books from charity shops and have my journal and blog for writing.
  4. Working as hard as I did in Nepal at my new job – Read the ‘Werk It’ blog for my update on my job. I just want to really put 110% into this new opportunity and see what happens these next 6 months.
  5. Putting my energy into the great friends (near and far) around me and enjoying life – Basically just be there for friends through the good the bad the ugly and try not to take life to seriously and enjoy it with them.

Your turn…Do you guys set goals?

If so and you want to share let me know on my Instagram what your winter goals / summer goals are!

Werk It

Earlier this year I decided to move on from a company I loved to work for. The ladies on my team were a extended part of my Australian family. I felt like I had exhausted my role and it was time to leave. It was a scary and tough decision to make. Over the last two months I have really learnt a lot about myself and how brutal the working world can be.

I took a job in a smaller company as I wanted to experience a smaller working environment. I did feel confident and took charge of my role straight away which was really reassuring. What I was not prepared for was the office politics in this business. The stories I was hearing were unbelievable and I don’t know if everything was true as I know there are always two sides to every story. It was clear to me though the management in my department was just non existent. You felt completely unsupported in a very messy business and just more and more mess was always developing.

I started to watch the clock on Sunday and count down the hours until I had to go to bed and then the hours until I had to get up. I stopped exercising, getting out of bed was the hardest thing to do and my mediation just went out the window. I didn’t realize how lucky I had been in my old company for 3 years. I never ever had a awful dread in the pit of my stomach every night before bed, but I did now. I did have a lot of tears but MK gave me some tough love saying if I am that miserable you have to sort it out….so I did.

The week before we went home for our 3 week holiday I updated my CV, contacted every recruiter in my area of work I knew and started to apply for jobs online. This week was crazy I had two job interviews during the week then I had 3 rounds with one company the morning I left to go home. I literally got back from my morning of interviews came home got changed gave MK a kiss and grabbed my suit case and was straight to the airport, it was such a blur. I was feeling better though cos I was working on changing my future. I landed in Doha to a email saying I had got the job I wanted. I could not be happier to start my holiday knowing I was not going back to such a toxic office.

Lessons I learnt from the past few months:

  1. Do research (lots of it) on the company you are going to interview for
  2. Make sure the person leading the interview will be the manager you report into
  3. Don’t feel pressure from recruiters and use ones you know and trust
  4. Be confident in what you know – I realized I know more then what I thought
  5. Believe in yourself and take control of your future
  6. Personally I am more suited to Global structures

Final…Nepal Health Update.

The countdown is on…..not long until we set off on our adventure. The packing list is getting smaller and we have ticked off our medical check ups as well.

MK and I both went to the doctors to seek advice on what we would need health wise. We have both been to Asia before, we have had a lot of injections between the two of us over the years. The end result was a few booster shots to keep vaccinations active and our typhoid injection again (they only last 3 years). My advice to anyone traveling abroad is to always go to the doctors to make sure you are aware of any health risks on the country you are traveling too.  On top of the injections I also was prescribed altitude sickness tablets and Malaria tablets. I do like to make sure all my bases are covered so I took everything the doctor said on board and feel pretty set for the trip.

MK and I went to the chemist and bought tablets for nausea, cramps, headaches, the squirts and muscle pain. When we are on the trek we are really dependent on ourselves, we need to be a walking chemist for those just in case moments. We also have electrolyte tablets for hydration and a lot of hand sanitize wipes and gel to keep ourselves as germ free as possible. Our wonderful friend who is a nurse sent us a few pointers to get the right stuff…one great tip was to have vitamin C tablets with us as there will not be any vegetables or fruit on the way and we need to keep are immune system up (Thanks for all the help Em).

Our traveling chemist is ready for our trip and we have all our injections…now all that is left to do is to just make sure we are in good health before we leave. Both of us have given up alcohol for August and we are eating as clean as possible. Over the past year I have been exercising and eating well. I even did Optifast to shock my stomach into loosing weight and signed up to a gym and have been hitting the stair machine hard. We have both been hiking as well and have discovered some great walks through out NSW.  I am super proud of the effort we both put in and believe we will keep going when we get back as we have loved all our outdoor hiking and feeling in better shape. Personally I am super chuffed with myself as I have lost a total of 12KG this past year. Here is the photo proof below…

 July 2017                                                                August 2018img_6922

I have finally realized the trick to loosing some weight…you have to want to change and you have to change your lifestyle. There is no hidden trick to loosing weight just a lot of consistent hard work. I am not perfect I have eaten biscuits and enjoyed a pizza but I have learnt how to do it in moderation. I have also rediscovered exercise. This year alone I have been to the gym, boot camp, hiking, F45, kayaking, swimming, climbing and yoga. It does not matter what you do as long as you keep moving. I will share the things that helped me along this last year, support from friends and family, Optifast, reducing my booze intake, take photos so you can see the difference, set a goal weight and don’t put to much pressure on yourself. I still have a way to go until my goal weight but I am pleased with my progress and hopefully hit my goal weight early next year.

Travel Insurance for Nepal

A massive item on the to do list for any trip is insurance, to protect yourself and your belongings. I did seek advice from the travel company and blogs on Nepal to make sure I had everything covered. I would suggest the same thing to anyone, seek advice from the professionals, the people who are taking you up the mountain. For example I learnt that most travel insurance companies only cover to 3000 meters whilst we need to be covered up to 6000 meters. There are lots of little bits you need to make sure you have covered in your policy.

Finding insurance to cover Everest Base Camp was pretty easy as it is a popular trip these days. The issue I was having was with a simple question of  “Where am I a resident?”. I do not have my PR visa yet but I live in Australia and have all resident rights. I know I am classed as a temporary resident. On a lot of insurance websites this was not clear and when I would contact the companies no one would give ma yes or no answer to whether I was covered under there Insurance policy. It was a incredibly infuriating process and I seemed to be getting no were. I could not believe that a company could not inform of me if I would be covered or not but were ever so happy for me to pay out for the insurance. I don’t want to name and shame but I will mention the company we have decided to go with. They have a really clear policy about people on temporary visa’s in Australia. Zoom is who we went with in the end and they also have a live chat bubble and were very helpful when I selected my policy. I got the whole month covered by Zoom along with my trekking cover and cover for my camera. Fingers crossed we do not have to use the policy but it is a relief to get that one crossed off the list.


Ladies who…

Winter is half way through. It is actually unbelievable that back home everyone is melting in the heat and here in Australia it is cold, wet and miserable. I am not going to let the weather keep me in. I have a few activities on the social calendar over the next few months and I wanted to share them with you all.

I think the activities below are a perfect way to get together with your girls!

Once I have been to them all I will review them and add them on to the Sydney Social Page.

Little Succers

I found this company on Instagram. They build there own super cute Succulents. It is a great new idea for a gift and as the website says minimal effort in keeping it alive. On top of buying one of there plants you can also go to there work shop and build your own Terrarium Bar. I believe they still have tickets for there July work shops.

The Rock Christmas Markets

The markets are on the weekend of the 15th July. There will be mulled wine, Christmas carols and market stalls. It looks so festive on the website. It will be a great excuse to get wrapped up and head down to join in the festive vibe at the rocks. Even a trip now to rocks feels festive with the fairy lights around the trees.

 Paint and Wine

Book in for a painting lesson. You will drink wine and come home with your very own master piece or your attempt at one. I received a pair of vouchers for my birthday. I can not wait for a night of painting and relaxing. When you book you get to see which picture you will be attempting as well. My vouchers are for Cork & Chroma in Surry Hills.

New Coffee Spots

Avoiding nights out means I have been on the hunt for a few new coffee joints. I have had a lot of coffee dates with my girlfriends so we can catch up. So far I have been to the Lindt Cafe in the CBD, The Ruby Diner in Waverly and The Tea Cosy in the Rocks. All serve a amazing coffee and I have seen my friends eat a great breakfast at each cafe. The Tea Cosy is ideal for afternoon tea, the pancakes are a must in the Lindt Cafe and I would try the Nutella on toast in Ruby’s Diner. I do love going into the city on the weekend its so peaceful and quiet. Try somewhere new for a coffee this weekend with your mates.


Nepal Prep Update.

77 days now until we leave for Nepal (less when this blog actually posts) so thought I would give you guys a bit of a update.

I am still on Optifast having the two shakes a day and a low cal meal for dinner. I have had a few nights out with drinks but very few in the past few months. I also feel I am in control of myself more. If I do go out I do not go crazy. The weight came off very fast at the beginning but now its crawling off so really need to put my best foot forward exercising. I have set myself a goal to have another 6KG off me by MK’s birthday, lets see how I go. MK has also given up carbs until we go now so as you can imagine our fridge is just meat and veggies at the min…the healthiest our fridge has ever looked.


Exercise wise it is still running, swimming and hiking. Since the last update we have completed two more hikes Mt Kosciusko and Ruined Castle. We have noticed our bodies are not in pieces after the hikes and we can keep exercising. I have a few more hikes I would love us to get done before we go. I really enjoy the winter walks at the moment its great to be outdoors in the cold breeze and even see some snow. A lot of stretching is being done at home as well we are both being careful the last thing we want is to pull a muscle after our exercising. I also did my first F45 class which was so tough but so good and something I will look into after Nepal. I do have City2Surf in August as well which will be a cool challenge to complete before we go.


I got a list from the travel company on what we need to bring and wow it is a lot longer then I imagined. At first it was a bit over whelming looking at all the items we need to take with us. After studying the list its not a lot of stuff its just a lot of stuff you would not normal need on a trip. I think I am going to hit up Ebay for a few items and also the Kathmandu store in our local outlet mall, it always has a great sale on. I currently have the list typed out in Excel and once complete I shall share it with all the prices and where I bought the items. I do find every time I buy something I want to go out walking to try it out, which is going to keep me exercising. Started to look for travel Insurance which is a bit tougher then I originally thought. Most sites I have been on so far only provide for EU residents. I am struggling to find a Australian company. I think it will take a bit more research to find the right cover for us. July we are off to the doctors to get all the jabs and pills we will need for the trip. I will blog on what we get once that has been completed.


Refugee Week Aus

I am completing one of the challenges for Refugee Week next week to raise awareness.

I will complete as many of the 20 simple tasks during next week. I’ll also put a photo up of everyone I complete. A few people from work have also joined me on this task.

Why not see if you can complete any?

Link For 20 Simple Tasks

Be sure to let me know if you do!