My Top 3 Meal Deals For After Work Dinner In The City.

Just a short blog on my favourite meal deals during the week in Sydney. Maybe because I am on Optifast and not eating out I just need to write about them instead…
  1. The Soda Factory
  • Great spot for any night during the week and even the weekend if you want a dance. It is not to far from Central Station. Look out for the Hot Dog shop and behind the vending machine you will find the Soda Factory. A great speakeasy themed bar. It has food deals all week and with its central location makes it a easy pick when meeting up with friends after work. Tuesday is the day for the meal deal…Dollar Dog! $1 a hot dog and there are usually a few to pick from. No excuses if you are short of cash this place will feed you for one buck. On other nights there will either be a movie playing or live music. The atmosphere is always fun, lively and friendly.
2. Cargo Bar
  • They offer a great meal deal of a $10 steak. It is located on darling harbour which means it has a lovely view whilst you eat your dinner. To say the steak is so cheap it taste really good and it comes quick. We have even taken visitors here for tea as we all know when people visit you spend a small fortune showing them around this takes the pressure off and provides a good feed with a great view. I have actually just checked the website to make sure the deal is still on and it has changed….they now have a $15 menu Monday – Wednesday the steak is on there with other items. Still a great deal at $15 bucks you will not be disappointed. 
3. The Trinity Bar
  • The last place on my top 3 meal deals for a week night is the Trinity Bar. Its actually the first place I tried a Chicken Parmigiana. They have a meal deal on every night here but if you want a big feed for $12 get to this place on a Monday. Huge Parmigiana for $12  you can not go wrong. There is a terrace just outside the pub to which you can sit on. It is located in Surry Hills a quick walk from Central station. Its a nice traditional looking pub and always busy so creates a good atmosphere. There is also seating upstairs to if you can not find any room downstairs.



Getting In Control of Your Money

If you feel every month you are over spending or you have not put anything away in savings then this blog post may help you out. First of all I am no money genius and in fact I know I’m to tight on myself with savings and money. I do feel like I know a few good steps for anyone who struggles to manage their money.  Its not really anything ground breaking but it worked for me.
1.Look at Your Spending
You can either do it the good old fashioned way with pen and paper or create a spread sheet in Excel. Write all your monthly outgoings first; rent, food, gym membership, petrol etc. Include everything, go through the month and make sure even the small outgoings are captured (that morning coffee….etc). After everything is written down you can see how much of your pay has to go on your outgoings and how much you have left for the month.
Next step is to decide how much you put away into savings from what is left after your outgoings. This is obviously completely personal choice, just don’t do what I do and skint yourself because I end up putting to much money away. I always transfer the amount I wish to save into my savings account as soon as I get paid. Once you have done this for a few months you wont miss that amount of money at all and it will build up for a rainy day.


3. Pocket Money
Pocket Money is what I call the money left over for my social life. If you want to increase the amount of pocket money then you can put less away for savings or decrease your outgoings.  Getting a rough idea on what you spend socially Vs what your outgoings are is a really good way to make sure you are making good choices when it comes to money. I was shocked at how much money I spend on food socially.
4. Cut Backs
If you want to make changes to your out goings you need to look at what can be adjusted. Usually rent in Sydney if anything just goes up so that can not be reduced.
Food shops can be reduced if you like. I find planing my meals for the week, writing a list, shopping at Aldi and shopping on a full tummy always results in a cost effective shop. Otherwise I buy snacks I don’t need cos I am hungry, over buy products as I don’t know what I need for the week and spend more if I enter Woolworth’s.
Gym memberships can also be reduced by shopping around and finding the best deal. I stopped my membership and I am lucky enough to have a gym at work and I run outside for the rest of my work outs. Also look at how much you use the gym membership maybe paying to use a gym casual would actually be more beneficial.
Petrol can be reduced by just making the effort to fill up at the cheapest petrol stations. Around us in the Inner West it is the Speed Way. Have a look at the local petrol stations around your neighborhood to see which is cheapest.
Social life spends can be reduced by taking a look at Groupon or Scoupon see what deals you can pick up. Make sure you sign up to local cinemas and websites which often have offers on. Arrange to meet your mates for a meal deal in the city or happy hour drinks. You can also check out this page which has lots of things to do in Sydney on a budget. 
Please remember this is if you would like to be putting more money away and handling your money better and is purely just my view. I know there are many different ways to save and the ones above have worked for me so maybe they will suit you. Being in control of your money and feeling secure is also part of  mindfulness life. By knowing you have enough money and where your cash is going it reduces stress and anxiety in your life. Let me know how you get on if you try any / all of the tips above.



Vivid ’18

Vivid is just around the corner it starts May 25th. It is probably one of the highlights of Winter along with reducing your AC bill. Last year I walked around the lights and did a boat cruise. Compared to the previous years the walk around the displays was done in a better fashion. There was a one way system which kept everyone going in the right direction. The boat cruise from last year was so good I have booked it again on Groupon. You can also get tickets still for them just Click Here. You know have to book through the site I believe there is only one company still with Vivid offers on Groupon.
There are so many things happening at Vivid other then the spectacular lights in the city. The events are really budget friendly as well. Two events stuck out for me and I am hopefully going to get tickets for it. I highly suggest checking out the Vivid Website.
My two events I hope to check out is a debate on the #metoo movement. I cant imagine the intensity of this debate. The tickets are $16 for the debate. I think witnessing a talk on one of the most talked about topics this year can not be missed. The other one is the 90’s night House and UK Garage night… my friends and I always comment on how we miss this music from home. Well now for $15 there is a full night dedicated to it!
Get your friends together and for under $20 you can have a night organised experiencing something new/unique or mind blowing for one night. Don’t let Vivid pass you buy its getting better and better each year. Little tip take a video and speed them up they will look like the one below…