5 Facts about Refugees

Number 19 on the 20 Simple Act for Refugee week is ‘Share 5 facts about Refugees’

Each fact was found on different websites, click on the fact to connect to the article.

I picked the facts that stood out and shocked me. If you have the time it is worth to read the articles linked below. I did not realize how many people were refugees and how little we do to help.

  1. According to UNHRC in 2015 there was 21 million refugees world wide. (Source Huffington Post)
  2. Almost half of refugees are children ( Source Huffington Post)
  3. The top 3 countries who host refugees as of 2016: (Source Red Cross)
    1. Turkey – 2.8 Million
    2. Pakistan – 1.6 Million
    3. Lebanon – 1.04 Million
  4. In 2017, 3119 women and children lost their lives crossing the Mediterranean (Source Help Refugees)
  5. 84 % of refugees are hosted in developing countries (Source Help Refugee)

My Top 3 Meal Deals For After Work Dinner In The City.

Just a short blog on my favourite meal deals during the week in Sydney. Maybe because I am on Optifast and not eating out I just need to write about them instead…
  1. The Soda Factory
  • Great spot for any night during the week and even the weekend if you want a dance. It is not to far from Central Station. Look out for the Hot Dog shop and behind the vending machine you will find the Soda Factory. A great speakeasy themed bar. It has food deals all week and with its central location makes it a easy pick when meeting up with friends after work. Tuesday is the day for the meal deal…Dollar Dog! $1 a hot dog and there are usually a few to pick from. No excuses if you are short of cash this place will feed you for one buck. On other nights there will either be a movie playing or live music. The atmosphere is always fun, lively and friendly.
2. Cargo Bar
  • They offer a great meal deal of a $10 steak. It is located on darling harbour which means it has a lovely view whilst you eat your dinner. To say the steak is so cheap it taste really good and it comes quick. We have even taken visitors here for tea as we all know when people visit you spend a small fortune showing them around this takes the pressure off and provides a good feed with a great view. I have actually just checked the website to make sure the deal is still on and it has changed….they now have a $15 menu Monday – Wednesday the steak is on there with other items. Still a great deal at $15 bucks you will not be disappointed. 
3. The Trinity Bar
  • The last place on my top 3 meal deals for a week night is the Trinity Bar. Its actually the first place I tried a Chicken Parmigiana. They have a meal deal on every night here but if you want a big feed for $12 get to this place on a Monday. Huge Parmigiana for $12  you can not go wrong. There is a terrace just outside the pub to which you can sit on. It is located in Surry Hills a quick walk from Central station. Its a nice traditional looking pub and always busy so creates a good atmosphere. There is also seating upstairs to if you can not find any room downstairs.



Head Space Review

I have used the Head Space app now for a week. I wanted to really try meditation and see if this could help me on my mindfulness journey. I did also ask on my Instagram story if people had used the app…and 25 percent of you had. I downloaded the app and picked the program that focused on anxiety.

I had talked to a few friends and some people at work who had used or were using the app, it seems to be the most popular choice. I decided to do it in the morning before I went to work. The first morning was a bit of a disaster as I was late to work as my jeans had tried to make a quick get away over the balcony. I did do my first meditation that day but it was in the evening.

Each day you do a 3 min meditation. A mans voice guides you through the 3 mins helping you focus on your breathing and your body. Despite the first day every other day I listened in the morning. I found it a really calm way to start the morning and 3 mins out of your morning is really nothing at all. I have even listened to the app on the train to work it really does set you up to face the day. I also turned on the mindful notifications. The app sends you a few messages through out the day of some simple mindfulness tips.

After a week of mediation and mindfulness reminders I do feel different. As already mentioned I feel like my day has started in a calm way. Even if I have a morning where I feel I have been running around and then do the meditation on the way to work it still brings  my mind to a peaceful state. I feel like I am more in tuned with my body doing the meditation and really listening to it. Listening to my body and being in tuned with it is helping me push forward with my fitness and knowing my limits. The mindfulness tips are all simple to perform during your average day. Even if I don’t do them just seeing the tip on my phone reminds me to take a minute and then return to what ever task I am doing. I always find when I stress at work I do not perform as well but if I keep my mind focused on the tasks I will perform to my best. I actually had a really busy day at work today and I did notice that I was a lot calmer then normal. I did not let the stress cloud the task. I am going to stick with the app for now and keep growing my meditation skills.

I would highly recommend this app if you have ever thought about trying meditation. It is easy to use and I found it very affective at showing you the way to get into meditation.