Unit 7.

Coming out of Christmas me and my friend had decided to move out of our house shares and find a apartment for just the two of us. I had not idea how hard it would actually be to secure one. We spent many weekends trailing around the area going to open houses with about 50 … Continue reading Unit 7.

Hot Christmas!

I spent my second Christmas in Australia with a few friends. Last year there was a massive group of us but this year was on a much smaller scale. Christmas Eve we started in the Coogee Pavillon which is one of our favorite places for a cocktail and a pizza. The atmosphere was not what … Continue reading Hot Christmas!

Itchy Feet

So much time to think whilst farming I've decided to start thinking and planning my next adventures! I would love advice on best places to visit, hidden gems and any advice on the trips below would be amazing. Please leave advice in the comment box. Trips 2016 *5 nights in Dubai *1 month in South … Continue reading Itchy Feet

East Coast Chaos

Two and a half weeks with your two best friends from home to explore the East Coast. It has been a whirlwind of late nights, long bus rides, hangovers, sea sickness, snorkelling, whale watching, four wheel driving, camping, dancing, laughing, sun burn, bridge climbs, beach days, koala cuddles, new friends, old friends and many more … Continue reading East Coast Chaos